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Chuck is an experienced tattoo artist specializing in a variety of styles. Known to do many first time tattoos, Chuck also is experienced at micro tattoos, fine line, the weird,  traditional, script tattoos, and  many different range of styles. Chuck has many hours tattooing faces, hands, and butts, Chuck is our resident alpha nerd when it comes to designing geeky sci-fi, D&D, and anime tattoos.  If nerdy is not your style, Chuck can custom design that tattoo that is inspired by your  interests and hobbies. Whether it’s nerdy, classic, or something in between, Chuck is here to make sure that you get the tattoo of your dreams!   If you’re looking for a creative and experienced artist, Chuck is the one for you. 


" Just know that my nerd runs deep."  -Chuck 

If interested in booking with Chuck, please contact  via text at 913.375.2076. Also, PM  Instagram: Cherrypoppingchuck


Thanks for visiting!!   

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